Steering Systems

For solutions to your steer­ing needs, look no further than our complete system approach. While most steer­ing com­ponents are after­thoughts to a suspension system or a single major component, we've taken the systems approach to ensure that all components fit and work to­gether.

A steer­ing system contains many components: The column and wheel, steer­ing shaft, gear box, pitman arm, drag link, tie rod, steer­ing arms and knuckles. Many companies offer one or some of these in their product lines. In the past, it's been up to the customer to figure out what works and then find those parts. Quite often, the result is a collection of parts that don't work together, poorly fabricated parts because noth­ing is commercially available, or a vehicle with erratic handl­ing due to bump steer, incorrect steer­ing ratio speed, or uncorrectable alignment problems.

Systems and components are available for:

  • Heavy duty components in stock location
  • High crossover drag link for spring over or highly lifted vehicles
  • High steer for high clearance requirements
  • Crossover steer­ing conversion systems
  • Ram steer­ing for extremely large tires

We've taken the hard work out of design­ing a complete system. The benefits to you:

  • A system designed for your vehicle, its suspension, axles, and tires.
  • A system that performs extremely well offroad yet meets DOT needs.
  • A system that clears all suspension components and the frame.
  • No bind­ing of the tie rod or drag link.
  • Matched steer­ing ratios of the steer­ing arms, pitman arm, and gear box.
  • Secure mount­ing systems and hardware for gearboxes and arms.


Thompson's Foothill Offroad has a complete line of components that we use in design­ing a system:


  • Heavy duty units with large sector shafts
  • Power steer­ing conversion boxes
  • Ram steer­ing compatible units

Pitman Arms

  • Flat arms
  • Dropped arms
  • Large or small taper

Drag Links

  • Thick wall DOM tub­ing, .750″ or .875″ inside dia­meter
  • Large taper rod ends
  • Straight, drop and angled rod end configurations
  • Jamb nuts
  • Adjustable length drop drag links

Tie Rods

  • Thick wall DOM tub­ing, .750″ or .875″ inside dia­meter
  • Large taper rod ends
  • Straight, drop and angled rod end configurations
  • Jamb nuts

Steer­ing Arms

  • Plate steel arms for Dana axles and Toyota high steer
  • Forged arm for Toyota axles
  • Stud and cone mount­ing hardware

Steer­ing Knuckles

  • Bottom or top taper knuckles
  • Machined right side knuckles for Dana 44 axles

Steer­ing shafts

  • Heavy duty replacement shafts
  • Custom shafts for conversion projects
  • U joint kits

Mount­ing brackets & braces

  • Heavy duty brackets for stock gearboxes
  • Plates and hardware kits for upgraded gearboxes
  • Plates for power steer­ing conversions
  • Gearbox braces

Power steer­ing pumps

  • Heavy duty, high volume pumps
  • Ram steer­ing ready pumps


  • Custom length hoses
  • Adapter hoses
  • Braided stainless steel hoses

Alignment parts

  • Camber correction shims
  • Adjustable caster bush­ings

Related products

  • Track bar systems for coil suspensions
  • Suspension bracket kits
  • Axle mount­ing hardware kits
  • Stabilizer shocks


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