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Plumbing Parts
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Adapter, 1/4-1/8 NPT


Product Code: FO3220X4X2

This adapter enables installation of ARB control valves in the FO925 air manifold. Brass fitting has 1/4″ NPT male thr… More info

Air Manifold *New & Improved*


Product Code: FO925

This new manifold is a greatly improved version of our popular air manifold. It features wider spacing between fittings … More info

Air Tank, 1 Gallon


Product Code: VIA91014

This 1 gallon air tank from Viair is approximately 12″ long, 6″ in diameter, and 8″ tall. Includes 4, 1/4″ NPT f… More info

Air Tank, 2.5 Gallon


Product Code: VIA91025

This 2 gallon air tank is approximately 24″ long, 6″ in diameter, and 8″ tall. Includes 5, 1/4″ NPT fittings. Fe… More info

Air Tube Fitting, 1/4″ NPT


Product Code: FO905522

This air tubing fitting is used to connect 3/8″ air tube to a compressor, manifold, air tank or bulkhead connector. It… More info

Air Tubing Coupler


Product Code: FO105

This air tube coupler enables you to connect two sections of 3/8″ air tube together. It's great as a repair splice for… More info

Bulkhead Adapter


Product Code: FOW1344

This bulkhead fitting provides a convenient way to pass an air line through a panel. In a typical application this fitti… More info

Check Valve


Product Code: FO926

This one way check valve prevents bleed down back through the compressor. 1/4″ NPT fittings on each end. More info

Coupler, 1/4-1/4 Female


Product Code: FO3300X4

Brass coupler has 1/4″ NPT fittings on each end. Great for connecting or adapting two male fittings. More info

Elbow Fitting, 1/4″ NPT


Product Code: FO3500X4

Elbow fitting enables you to route an air system component in a very tight area. Great for turning corners where the air… More info

Elbow Fitting, 1/4″ NPT M-F


Product Code: FO3400X4

Brass elbow fitting allows you to turn a corner without changing connection style. Great for routing air tubing where a … More info

Nipple, 1/4″ NPT


Product Code: FO3325X4

Brass nipple joins two female threaded fittings. The part has 1/4″ NPT male threading on each end. More info

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