NP231 HD SYE Extreme Short Shaft Kit

Product Code: TER4444400

The Extreme Short Shaft kit is what short wheelbase Wrangler owners have been dreaming of for decades. The Extreme kit not only improves on strength, but also increases driveshaft lengths by up to 7” over a stock application. It is over 3” shorter than a standard SYE kit, and 1-1/2” shorter than an ATLAS II. The Extreme SS kit comes with all necessary components to modify the stock 231 case. Speedometer readings are transferred through a tone ring and electronic sensor.To adjust the calibration a converter box is necessary to make any calibration adjustments.

Notes:Fits 231-J transfer cases only
Earlier 231 applications with mechanical speedometer cable require updating to an electronic speedometer.
Disassembly of the transfer case is required to install this kit. In many instances, it can be performed without removing the case from the vehicle.



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